18 Oct 2014

Im Not Your Toy

Im not Your Toy
Hair: Little Bones ~Nightingale

Breasts: Lolas ~Delicq

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite

Top: McButtkinz ~Im Not Your Toy Shirt

❤ Pants: Aphrodisiac ~ Sandstone Leggings  ::Saturday Sale::

Rings:.K-Otic. ~Diamond Trinity @ The Body Mod Expo  ::New::

Bracelets: Amorous ~You

Nails: Shock ~Colorful Emotions Nails @ The Body Mod Expo  ::New::

Belly Chain Pomposity ~Oblong Chain Link Belly Chain

Implants: Zombie Suicide ~Cross hip implants - female

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Drama Black/Black

Lips: NerdMonkey ~Victoria Lipgloss Caramel

❤ Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

PoseMe Poses ~Chic 3
Vestige Poses ~Pin Up2