18 Jul 2014

Moody Walk

Hair: Exxess ~Polabia

Outfit: Lilicious ~Seven Sins
Black/Blue/Cream/Red/Rose/White Lolas Hud included

Stockings: Tabou Irresistible ~Ribon Legs

Shoes: House of Hucci ~Hucci Vinnitsa

Arm Chain: Pomposity ~Large Link Arm

Necklace:Pomposity~ Studded Bow Tie w/ Celtic Cross ::Gotcha Item::

Rings: Scene ~Purgatory::New:: *Limited Edition* @ Project Limited

Bracelets: StickyZ ~Spiky CuffZ

Arm Implants: .K-Otic. ~Arm Stars *Saturaday Sale*

Nails: The Little Bat ~Resurrect Nail

Facial Piercing: .K-Otic. ~Aphius

Eye Makeup: Corvus ~Deep Black Eyeshadow

Eye Makeup: Glamorize~Drama Black ~Black/Pink