10 Feb 2014

Military Women

(See Normal wears for everyday wear)
Skin:.:Panda Punx:. ~ Briella Skin Tan
Hair: .ploom. ~Chilly
Lasshes: *GA* ~ Mesh Mysteria

  Outfit & Accessories 
This hole outfit and accessories comes all in one package. I will admit I've never been a huge fan of the masks and military look within second life but this outfit totally changes my opinion of it all. I will and support this look because of this outfit !

Like I said everything you see (of course not the skin and shape and hair) comes with the outfit which makes it a total wicked outfit! Gun, Belt with bullets, mask, Neck gard Gloves and even a pair of fish Net stockings (Not pictured)
Outfit: NS:: Cutie Store
Its available at the Thrift shop Feb 7-28