7 Feb 2014

Swaging it

(See Normal wears for everyday wear)
Hair: Magika ~Paris
Ears: [Mandala] ~Steking Ears

These outfits comes with so many options Its quickly becoming one of my favorite outfits to wear
They comes with a hud to control the colors of the pants and tops(see Pic) and even the buttons.
Also has 3 different designs for the top.(see Pic) Each Sold individuality. And available at the
Thrift Shop 
Outfit: Sakide
Boots: Razor ~Johnny Rotten Boots
Outfit 1 Top Design: Track
Outfit 2 Top Design: Urban
Outfit 3 Top Design Radioactive
Tattoo: Evale ~Pelvis Tattoo
Facial Piercing: \\Twizted & Reckless// ~ORayn
Arm Wrap: Snap ~Rave Gloves